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My dragon is finally finished

Here is a picture from the back. The wings are designed out of 2 repeats from a ripple stitch blanket. If you master this stitch you can crochet yourself a matching baby blanket.








And here is a picture from the front. As cute as ever before. For sale on Ravelry through this link: http://ravel.me/Crochetfreak73/ttlbdat



Love crocheting but hate sewing!

I don’t know about you, but there is one thing I don’t like about doing amigurumi and that is sewing all the body parts together at the end. So for this new design of Toby the dragon I am challenging myself to create a pattern that needs minimal sewing. Now that I designed and wrote out the pattern for the shape of the head, I am now working on the tail and the body. I start at the tip of the tail and then move on to the lower part of the body and work up to the top of the body. Now doesn’t that sound easy? Well honestly, it’s not! There is a reason that most designers write patterns for separate body parts. It’s simply easier to design it in that way. But it’s by no means impossible and I am always up for a challenge. So here are some progress pictures. I may still make some adjustments here and there but I have the basic shape and pattern down.
Tail and body

His tail is small cause he is just a baby dragon and it will take at least 10 years for his tail to grow out into a big mature dragon tail. Until then he got a lot of learning to do at the school of young dragons 😊

Figuring out the rest of the body.
Figuring out the rest of the body.